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Rajesh Exports

rajesh exports

World’s largest gold Company and the only end to end provider across value chain of gold

Headquartered in Bangalore, India (1989). Extensive global manufacturing and marketing network with distribution through Exports, Wholesale and directly to consumers by own Retail brand

World’s largest refiner of gold

Refines over 35% of world’s gold. Refineries located at Balerna in Switzerland and Uttarakhand in India. Capacity to refine 2,400 tons of precious metal per annum

Consistent Performance with high returns

  • Since inception, consistently demonstrated profitable growth and Dividend paying Company with 100% Dividend payout for past 10 years

  • 85% ROCE & 11.45% ROE (for calculation of Return on equity, share capital and all reserves have been considered)

Annually ~2,900 tons of gold mined globally; ~4,000 tons of gold consumed (difference accounted by recycled gold)

  • 73% physical gold demand comes from developing countries; 54 % from China and India

  • China is largest producer in the world in 2015, accounting for around 15% of total production. Asia produces 22 % of total newly-mined gold

  • Central and South America produce around 17% of the total, North America producing around 16%, Australia and Russia produce around 8% and Africa produces around 19%

Wholesale of Gold Products Retail of Gold Products

  • Wholesale presence in India and Middle East – supplies gold jewellery directly to showrooms

  • Supplies jewellery to more than 5,000 showrooms in India and Middle East. (Sold 38 tons in FY20)

Retail of Gold Products

Retail presence under own brand name “SHUBHJewellers”

  • 83 showrooms in India (Sold 7 tons in FY20)

Bullion Manufacturing and Supply

  • Produces VALCAMBI brand gold bullion which it supplies to leading bullion banks and Central banks of the world and also manufactures bullion bars for some of the leading bullion brands in the world (Supplied 583 tons in FY20)

Exports of Gold Products

  • Exports products to almost all gold markets of the world (Exported 125 tons in FY20)

  • Known worldwide for designs, quality and purity of products. Exports to large scale white label wholesalers


  • Minor presence in mining (1 Ton p.a.) ▪ Has contracts with world’s leading mining companies for supply of gold dore bars (RawGold)


  • Largest gold refiner in the world with total Precious metal refining capacity of 2,400 tons pa ▪ In FY20 REL refined 908 tons of gold

Gold Products Manufacturing

  • Largest manufacturer of gold jewellery and gold products in theworld ▪ Has several manufacturing facilities, the main one being at Whitefield, Bangalore. REL produces a wide range of Gold products (Produced 171 tons in FY20)

Exports of Gold Products

  • Exports products to almost all gold markets of the world (Exported 125 tons in FY20) ▪ Known worldwide for designs, quality and purity of products. Exports to large scale white label wholesalers

Valcambi Acquisition…

Acquired Valcambi in 2015 for US$ 400 million

  • World’s largest gold refinery & largest gold processor

  • Headquartered in Balerna, Switzerland – 53 year old

  • Over 200 employees ▪ Total refining capacity – 2,000 tons of precious metals

  • Debt free, consistent profitable growth & dividend paying since inception

  • Contracts with leading mining companies in the world for gold dore bars (raw gold)

  • Refines gold dore bars – produces 9999, 999 or 995 fineness gold bars of various denominations – 1 gm to 12.5 kilo

  • Good delivery bars accepted by all gold exchanges, central & bullion banks

Enabled REL to emerge as World’s Largest Gold Company across entire gold value chain

Total Refining capacity – 2,400 tons; Manufacturing – 350 tons

Refineries – Balerna, Switzerland and at Uttarakhand in India

  • Total Capacity – 2400 tons ▪ Valcambi, the world’s largest gold refinery and the largest gold bar manufacturer headquartered in Balerna, Switzerland

  • Valcambi acquisition enables REL to harness capacity and emerge as integrated gold company ▪ Refining throughput – 5.4 tons per day, Product throughput – 3.8 tons bars and coins (Au) per day 1.8 tons bars (Ag) per day

Facility – Bangalore (India), Cochin (India) and Dubai(UAE)

  • Total Capacity – 350 tons ▪ Capability to produce wide range of hand made, semi machine & complete automated gold jewellery & gold products

  • Advanced technology like prototype printing, laser soldering etc used to ensure world class finish & low wastage


rajesh export
rajesh export

Rajesh Export: Segement Overview

rajesh export

Rajesh Exports: P&L

rajesh export
rajesh export

Rajesh Exports: 5 Years Performance

rajesh export

Rajesh Exports: Technical Analysis

Stock is trading at 5 years low. 

Accumulate the stock for the immediate target of 470/540. 

Hold it for long term


rajesh export

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