How to Surrender

The surrendering process is described here very nicely. The first qualification is that one should not be deluded by pride. Because the conditioned soul is puffed up, thinking himself the lord of material nature, it is very difficult for him to surrender unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead. One should know by the cultivation of […]


10 Easy Steps to Overcome Fear Audio (Story of an Executive of large organization and How to overcame his Fear) Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain. If you say to yourself with perfect confidence and faith, “I am going to master this fear,” and you will. […]

Why smile is important in our life?

A smile is a way of showing your happiness, love, friendliness, appreciation and kindness. There are some people who are always smiling, which shows that they are always happy or at least trying to be happy. Did you know? It takes less muscle to smile than to frown! Why smile is important in our life? Scientists have found that smiling on purpose […]

why playing is important

The benefits of play Relieve stress. … Improve brain function. … Stimulate the mind and boost creativity. … Improve relationships and your connection to others. … Keep you feeling young and energetic. … Play helps develop and improve social skills. … Play teaches cooperation with others. … Play can heal emotional wounds.

Forgiveness and Subconscious mind

Life plays no favorites. God loves to express himself as harmony, peace, beauty, joy, and abundance through you. This is called the will of God or the tendency of Life. “In the body of a living being neither the power to speak, nor the power to see, nor the power to hear, nor the power […]

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